Calendar Info

We use an online calendar to communicate all bookings and info associated with each booking.  Here's the answers to the most FAQs.... The calendars are divided into 2 sections.  The left side is for the Owner, the right side is for NBOA.
CAN I ADD MY OWN BOOKINGS TO MY SIDE? Yes!  You can add all your bookings if you like, even if they are not going thru NBOA.  Some owners do this because it's easier to keep one calendar.  Just remember that at the end of each year, this calendar will be deleted, so make sure to make a copy if you need to save any of the info.
DOES "EVENT" OR "GROUP" MEAN MY TRAILER IS BOOKED? No!  This will appear on dates that have a group or event that will need multiple trailers.  Some events need all I can get my hands on, so when you see this on a date, please check with me BEFORE you book your trailer to see if I need it for the event.
WHAT DO THE CODES MEAN? There is a Legend on the last page of your calendar that explains all the codes.  If you see a code that is not on the Legend, please let me know.
WHY ARE SOME DATES HIGHLIGHTED YELLOW? These are holiday dates.  This usually means there is a 3 night min.