Delivery Terms


Site Verification

The following information is required & must be in writing, either on the Reservation Receipt or the Site Verification Form:
  • Campground name (or Delivery address if not a campground)
  • Site # - renter must specify ONE site on the reservation
  • Name on the Site reservation
  • Placement instructions (optional)
Renter is responsible for verifying the delivery site will accommodate the trailer:
  • Length & Width – trailer must fit on the site, including slide-outs and awning (if available).
  • AMPs – trailers will require either 30amp or 50amp RV outlet
  • Distance to hook-ups
  • see “Hook-up Restrictions” below

Hook-up Restrictions:

Power Source -

  • Should match the trailer, if not, renter must get permission from the campground to use an adapter.
  • A 30amp outlet adapted to a 50amp trailer will NOT power 2 ACs
  • Y-adapters can be supplied (when available) for an extra fee.
  • Extension Cords must be approved in advance & will be limited to 1 cord (25' or less) per trailer.
  • Generators are not provided by NBOA.
Issues can occur with the use of generators, adapters & extension cords, including melted plugs & loss of power.  Renter assumes full responsibility & agrees to reimburse NBOA for all damage, including the trailer power cord &/or plug, adapters, converter, the campground outlet & service fees.

Water Source -

  • must be within 30’ of the trailer’s water hook-up
  • Use of the fresh water holding tank & the water pump are not recommended or guaranteed.

Sewer -

  • Renter is responsible for verifying sewer hook-ups with the campground.
  • Only 1 sewer hose is provided for each trailer.  When 2 sewer hoses are needed, NBOA will provide a second hose based on availability.
  • Sites requiring more than 2 hoses or that require the hose to be run under or in front of the trailer will be restricted to gray water only and are limited (not all can be hooked up).
  • Even with sewer hook-ups, the BLACK WATER holding tank is always left in the CLOSED position.  Renter is responsible for pulling the valve, if necessary, during the rental (ONLY ON FULL HOOK-UPS).
  • Trailers set up on sites without sewer hook-ups will be limited to the capacity of the holding tanks.

Placement Restrictions

  • NBOA cannot position a trailer where it will be blocked in by another trailer
  • All sites must be approved in advance & cannot be changed without NBOA approval.
  • NBOA restricts sites that require extra time getting the trailer in or out or that might result in damage to our trailers (ie - low tree limbs).

Leveling Restrictions

Many campsites along River Road are not level.  NBOA uses a level to check both side-to-side and front-to-back, however, it is not always possible to get the trailer exactly level.  Renter is responsible for the site they select.
  • Side-to-side – NBOA will run the tires up onto a max of 2 blocks to level the trailer. Some campsites are on a slope and 2 blocks will not get it leveled.  Renter is responsible for providing extra steps, when needed, to access the trailer comfortably.
  • Front-to-back – Trailer can only be leveled to the extent the hitch jack can be extended or retracted. Campsites on slopes may not be level.
  • Showers – NBOA will purposely leave the trailer slightly “off level” to ensure the water in the shower does not run off the ledge & onto the floor.  Most of our customers do not notice this.  We apologize for any inconvenience, however, we have sustained water damage due to the showers in most of our trailers and we have to take steps to prevent this.