Rental Info

Things to be Aware of & Things to Plan For...

  • BRING A COOLER ~  Your trailer will have a refrigerator, however, it can take up to 10 hours to get cool.  You will also need to plan to keep your ice in a cooler & not the freezer.  The refrigerator & freezer must be empty, clean & dry upon departure.  NO ICE
  • BRING AN AIR-BED ~ If your trailer has a FOLD-OUT couch, it will require an Air-Bed (inflatable bed).  We no longer provide air-beds on our trailers. They can be purchased at Wal-mart.  Refer to the "Trailers & Rates" page for specific info on your trailer, including the size air-bed it requires.
  • AWNINGS ARE EXPENSIVE & NOT GUARANTEED.  If your trailer has an awning & you choose to use it, you will be responsible for all damage that occurs to it.  An additional Awning Security Deposit may be required.  Wind & heavy rain are not compatible with the awning.  Do not leave your awning unattended.  See the Awning Agreement.
  • HOLDING TANKS ~ If your campground does not have sewer hook-ups, all your water (shower, sinks & toilet) will be caught & held in your trailer's holding tanks.  Not only will your grey water holding tank fill up, it will fill up faster than you think.  Here are some water use tips:
    • Use a dish pan in the kitchen sink to catch water.
    • Limit the # of showers or shower at the campground facilities.
    • Utilize the out-door shower (not available on all trailers).
    • We offer portable dumping, as available, during your rental FOR AN EXTRA FEE.
  • CHECK YOUR TIME ~ IN time is 2 pm.  We will try to have your trailer ready when you arrive, however, your actual delivery time depends on the availability of your site, the availability of the trailer & our delivery schedule.  WE CANNOT GUARANTEE A DELIVERY TIME.  OUT time is 11am.  Late check-outs must be arranged in advance.
  • PLAN AHEAD FOR....  Hanging wet towels, exterior lights, canopies, banners, flags, decorations, etc.  Do not hang from or attach anything to the awning or trailer  - ABSOLUTELY NO TAPE ANYWHERE on the Trailer.
  • DELIVERED TRAILERS ARE NOT TO BE MOVED ~  for any reason including dumping the tank, re-positioning, changing campsites, etc.  We will impose a $200 fee if the trailer is moved during a rental without prior written approval from NBOA.
    • Coffee Pot (fits reg size filters)
    • Dish pan, dish soap, dish brush
    • Spray cleaner, broom, dust pan
    • Frying pan, sauce pan, stirring spoon, spatula, cutting board, knife, tongs, cork screw, can opener, veg peeler, matches, scissors, measuring spoon & cup, screw driver & hot pad.
    • go to Trailer & Rates for items specific to you trailer
    • Sheets, blankets, towels
    • Disinfectant wipes, toilet paper (RV or 1-ply)
    • Silverware, plates, bowls, food
    • Cooler
    • Canopy
    • Bug spray, sunscreen, fly swatter
    • Flashlight, outdoor lights, chairs
    • Fan or Small heater - depending on the Season

    We do our best to make sure our trailers are in good, working condition. Unfortunately, there are items we cannot guarantee.  The following items are not guaranteed before or during your rental:
    • Awning
    • Air Beds
    • TV
    • TV Antenna
    • Stereo System
    • Remote Controls
    • Oven
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