Old Settlers Music Festival

Old Settlers Music Festival = OSMF

This event is held on a private property located at 1616 FM3158, Dale, TX 78616.  Sometimes the address shows as Tilmon, TX.  This is also correct.


Where your trailer will be placed will determine when you can set your trailer up.  Some trailers are for the actual event and some are for attendees. Trailers can start being brought out up to 8 days prior to the event.  When bringing a trailer out this early, it will go in the staging area.  It will stay in the staging area until it’s ready to be placed.  The staging area is usually for owners who need to bring multiple trailers out and will have to make several trips.  All are welcome to use the staging area, however, you will still need to plan to place your trailer, which will require another trip out.  It is also HIGHLY recommended to plan to bring your trailer early.  Not only will it be easier for you to place your trailer, you will also avoid the long line of folks trying to check in for the event.



These trailers can only be placed according to the day arranged with the event.  The event offers an Early Access Pass (EAP), so if the renter purchases an EAP, the trailer can be placed early.  I will encourage renters to purchase this pass if they want to be in the popular campgrounds so you can set up early.


Event trailers can usually be placed super early and at times, they HAVE to be.  Like when placing a trailer prior to the stage being built or fence going up.

Regardless of when you place your trailer, your rental will still be based on the number of nights the trailer is being used.


The property is divided into 3 camping areas – Armadillo, Banjo and Collings.  Banjo is the most popular and will fill up quick.  It will be so much easier to place in this area if you arrive early.  Banjo and Collings only have 30 amp elec.  Armadillo has both 30 and 50 amp.  The only exception is the ADA area within Banjo.  It has a limited number of 50 amp, but can only be used by folks needing the ADA area.


All trailers need to have the fresh water tank filled prior to going out there and you need to make sure your water pump is working properly (like actually pumping water).  Make sure your holding tanks are completely empty.  There is NO DUMP station or water source on the property.
You will need to bring leveling blocks, an extension cord and a 50/30 adapter.  Make sure your trailer has LP, key and all supplies prior to heading out.  Make sure to check that the AC filters are clean!!  The weather can be tricky, so adding a space heater might be a good idea to knock the chill off without using up the LP.


All trailers need to be plugged into electricity and the fridge turned on.  Do NOT turn on the AC.  Lock the door and place the key in the front storage compartment like normal.  Do not place rugs out.  The customer can if they choose to.  There are lots of burrs out there and will make a mess on non-plastic rugs, so I let this be the customer’s choice.


I will need to know when you plan to bring your trailer.  The gate to the property will be locked.  Arrangements will need to be made to make sure someone is out there to give you access. I will also need to show you where your trailer will be placed or where the staging area is located.  ALL COMMUNICATION NEEDS TO BE VIA TEXT MESSAGE!!!!  I will not have good phone service out there and will not be checking my emails AT ALL.


I will have a trailer out there and my guys will be on site 24/7 beginning the Wednesday prior to the event.  They will assist with any issues that may arise with the trailers, but you will be expected to respond in the event your trailer needs something.
Our company will also be in charge of the fresh water fills for all the trailers at the event.