Awning Agreement

Awnings are considered an EXTRA and are therefore NOT guaranteed before or during any rental.

By using the awning, Renter is agreeing to this Rental Agreement, along with all other material posted, emailed or made available as it pertains to the awning.

Use of Awning


Awnings are easily damaged & can cost up to $2000 to repair or replace and are NOT covered by our insurance.

It is the Renters responsibility to be able to open & close the awning.  A fee will be charged if NBOA is called out to assist with a fully functioning awning.

Do not leave your awning unattended.  Awning must be rolled up when renter is away from the trailer.

Do not use the awning when it is windy or raining.  Drizzle & light rain is ok as long as water is not collecting on the fabric.  It only takes ONE wind gust or a few minutes of rain to damage the awning.

Do not place ANY heat source under the awning (bbq, grills, heaters, ect).

Do not allow tree branches or any other structure to come in contact with the awning.

Do not allow ANYTHING to hang on the awning.  This includes clothes lines, towels, trash bags, etc.  Lights that are specifically made for the awning are acceptable as long as they are completely removed prior to departure.

Do not use tape on the awning.

Do not allow any cleaners or chemicals to come in contact with the awning fabric.

Awning must be rolled up prior to departure.  A $35 fee will be charged if awning is left open upon departure.

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